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Rails: Adding view paths on the fly

Rails offers a way to prepend (or append) view paths just for the current request.


A use case of this is a different set of view templates that should be used under certain circumstances:

class UsersController < ApplicationController before_action :prepare_views def index ... end private def prepare_views if <condition> prepend_view_path Rails.root.join('app', 'views', 'special') end end end

If <condition> is true, Rails will first look into app/views/special to find a view template. E.g. in this example, it would look for app/views/special/users/index.erb before trying the default app/views/users/index.erb.

If the desired template does not exist there, it will fall back to its standard view paths. This way you can customize select templates without needing to redefine all.

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