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Capybara can find links and fields by their [aria-label]

Sometimes a link or input field has no visible label. E.g. a text field with a magnifying glass icon 🔎 and a "Search" button does not really need a visible label "Query".

For accessibility Archive reasons it is good practice to give such a field an [aria-label] attribute:

<input type="search" aria-label="Search contacts">

This way, when a visually impaired user focuses the field, the screen reader will speak the label text ("Search contacts").


Without an [aria-label] attribute screen readers will announce the field by its element type. In the example above (if no [aria-label] would be provided) it would speak something like "Search input".

Configuring Capybara to use [aria-label]

Capybara will not by default find an input field by its [aria-label] attribute. However, you can configure it to do so:

fill_in 'Search contacts', with: 'foo' # => raises "Unable to find field 'Query'" Capybara.enable_aria_label = true # enable [aria-label] support for field finders fill_in 'Search contacts', with: 'foo' # => fills in the query "foo"

Also see An auto-mapper for ARIA labels and BEM classes in Cucumber selectors

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