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Force absolute URLs in views throughout a response

This is more tricky than it should be because url_for, asset_path, etc. all rely on different mechanisms.

Anyway, you can use the attached trait like this:

class ExampleController < ApplicationController does 'host_enforcement', :for => 'some_action' end

Short explanation:

  • asset_host is used for links to stylesheets and javascripts
  • asset_host belongs to ActionController::Base – changes are persistent and will not be reset after a request
  • rewrite_options is used by the ..._path methods in the views
module HostEnforcementTrait # Include this method in a module because we cannot yield out of define_method module InstanceMethods private # Force URLs for JavaScript and Stylesheet links def assets_have_urls old_asset_host = asset_host self.asset_host = HOST yield ensure self.asset_host = old_asset_host end end as_trait do |*args| include HostEnforcementTrait::InstanceMethods options = args.first || {} methods = options[:for] around_filter :assets_have_urls, :only => methods private # Force URLs for link_to etc define_method :rewrite_options do |*args_options| options = args_options.first || {} enforce = methods.nil? || Array(methods).collect(&:to_s).include?(action_name) super(enforce ? options.merge(:only_path => false) : options) end end end

You need modularity for traits.

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