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Ruby: A short summary of available hooks in Cucumber

Here is a short summary of Cucumber hooks in Ruby taken from Note that the BeforeStep is currently not existing in the Ruby implementation of Cucumber.

Before hooks run before the first step of each scenario.

Before do |scenario| ... end

After hooks run after the last step of each scenario, even when the step result is failed, undefined, pending or skipped.

After do |scenario| ... end
Around do |scenario, block| ... ... end
AfterStep do |scenario| ... end

You can restrict the hooks to one or more tags:

Before("@slow") do |scenario| ... end

A global hook will run once before any scenario is run.

# env.rb ...

AfterConfiguration hooks will run only once after support has been loaded, and before any features are loaded.

AfterConfiguration do |config| ... end

You can include code to Cucumber in the World module without polluting the application namespace (example from


module Helpers def helper_method 42 end end World(Helpers)


Then /^the helper method is called$/ do expect(helper_method).to eql(42) end

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