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Manage Linux services on the command line (Ubuntu)

Ubuntu 18.04 uses systemd to manage services.

See which Services are running

To get an overview which services are available and running / not running, you can use service --status-all:

>service --status-all [ + ] acpid [ - ] alsa-utils [ - ] anacron [ + ] apache-htcacheclean [ - ] apache2 [ + ] apparmor [ + ] apport [ + ] avahi-daemon [ + ] avahi-dnsconfd [ - ] bluetooth [ - ] [ - ] brltty ...

+ means running, - means not running, ? means unknown

Manage Services

To temporarily start or stop an service, you can use either service or systemctl:

  • service <name> start or systemctl start <name>
  • service <name> stop or systemctl stop <name>

To prevent a service from being started e.g. on boot, you have to disable it. Likewise, if you want a service to be started on boot, you have to enable it:

  • systemctl enable <name>
  • systemctl disable <name>

If you disable a running service, it will not be stopped. It will just not be started on the next boot. So if you want to stop a service now and disable it, you have to do both steps:

>service --status-all | grep bluetooth [ + ] bluetooth >sudo service bluetooth stop >service --status-all | grep bluetooth [ - ] bluetooth >sudo systemctl disable bluetooth Synchronizing state of bluetooth.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install. Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install disable bluetooth insserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (empty) of script `bluetooth' overrides LSB defaults (2 3 4 5). insserv: warning: current stop runlevel(s) (0 1 2 3 4 5 6) of script `bluetooth' overrides LSB defaults (0 1 6). Removed /etc/systemd/system/dbus-org.bluez.service.

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