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FactoryBot: Traits for enums

FactoryBot allows to create traits from Enums since version 6.0.0

The automatic definition of traits for Active Record enum attributes is enabled by default, for non-Active Record enums you can use the traits_for_enum method.


factory :user do traits_for_enum :role, %w[admin contact] # you can use User::ROLES here, of course end

is equivalent to

factory :user do trait :admin do role { 'admin' } end trait :contact do role { 'contact' } end end

Both variants may be used like this:

create(:user, :admin) create(:user, :contact)

So you can easily add new roles to a user model and start testing without adding new traits by yourself.

Note: If you not provide a second argument to traits_for_enum, FactoryBot will attempt to get the values by calling the pluralized attribute_name class method, which would be User.roles in this example.

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