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Migrate data between Redis servers

There is a reasonable simple way to move data between Redis servers: Simply temporarily configure the new server as a replica of the old server.

To do this:

  • Make sure the new Redis server can access the old server. If they are on different networks, a simple SSH tunnel will do.
  • Connect to the new server using redis-cli.
  • Tail the log of the redis server (found in /var/logs/redis) in another terminal.
  • Make sure the server is currently master and not already a replica (check INFO replication)
  • Enable replication with REPLICAOF <host> <port> (on older Redis versions this is called SLAVEOF).
  • Redis will then drop all current data and fetch everything from the master.
  • Check the log. It will tell you if replication works and when it is done. It should usually only take a few seconds.
  • Disable replication with REPLICAOF no one.

This even works if the new server is itself master to other replicas.

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