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How to make a cucumber test work with multiple browser sessions

Imagine you want to write a cucumber test for a user-to-user chat. To do this, you need the test to work with several browser sessions, logged in as separate users, at the same time.

Luckily, Capybara makes this relatively easy:


Scenario: Alice and Bob can chat Given Alice, Bob, and a chat session When I am signed in as "Alice" And I go to the chat And I am signed in as "Bob" [session: bob] And I go to the chat [session: bob] And I send the message "Hello, this is Alice!" Then I should see "Hello, this is Alice!" within the chat And I should see "Hello, this is Alice!" within the chat [session: bob]

Capybara has a method Capybara.using_session allowing you to perform steps in different browser sessions, so all you need is the following:

When(/^(.*) \[session: (.*?)\]$/) do |step_text, session_name| Capybara.using_session(session_name) do step(step_text) end end

Effect on other step definitions

Be careful that this also affects other steps. For example, we often use something like this for authentication:

module AuthenticationSteps def sign_in(user) sign_out if @current_user # BROKEN! login_as user @current_user = user end # ... end World(AuthenticationSteps)

This will not work, since now there is no longer one logged in user, but potentially several.

Work around this with something like:

module AuthenticationSteps def reset_signed_in_users @current_users = {} end def sign_in(user) sign_out if @current_users[Capybara.current_session] login_as user @current_users[Capybara.current_session] = user end # ... end World(AuthenticationSteps) Before do reset_signed_in_users end

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