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Capybara 'fill_in': Ambiguous match for different input names

When you have two inputs, where one contains the name of the other (eg. Name and Name with special treatment), Capybara's fill_in method will fail with the following message:

Ambiguous match, found 2 elements matching visible field "Name" that is not disabled (Capybara::Ambiguous)

You can force Capybara to match exactly what you are typing (which makes your tests better anyways) with match: :prefer_exact:

name = 'Name' value = 'Bettertest Cucumberbatch' fill_in(field, with: value, match: :prefer_exact)

Furthermore, we recommend setting Capybara's matching strategy globally to :prefer_exact. This will positively affect all you steps (including those of gems like Spreewald) as it prevents the Capybara::Ambiguous error in the edge case when two fields are matching the given name, but one of the matches includes the name only as a substring,

Capybara.match = :prefer_exact

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