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How to capture a screen-cast on Linux


I recommend simplescreenrecorder, it produces an adequate output with only a few clicks. The audio recording contained some static noises, but that might be caused by my microphone.

Recording only a single screen or fixed rectangle is supported. The video quality seems quite grained when using the default settings - I found that using the MKV container, H.264 codec, "0" constant rate factor and "veryslow" preset results in the best video quality.

If you don't insist on high the best video and you don't need audio recording, you could also use Peek, which is quite simple to use. It was formerly built to create animated GIFs but also supports MP4 videos. The settings are also limited. Florian L. used it for Facebook App Reviews.


For minor manual adjustments, you can use the ffmpeg command line tool. In my case, I needed to cut the screen-cast by removing the sequence from 02:36 to 05:23.

# Extract the parts you want to keep. # * Use -ss hh:mm:ss to define the starting point of the sequence (default: 0) # * Use -t hh:mm:ss to define the length of the sequence ffmpeg -i screencast.mkv -t 00:02:35 -c copy part1.mkv ffmpeg -i screencast.mkv -ss 00:05:23 -t 00:20:00 -c copy part2.mkv # Create a textual list of all sequences for i in {1..2}; do echo "file 'part$i.mkv'" >> parts.txt; done # Combine the ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i parts.txt -c copy edited_screencast.mkv

Using the -c copy flag make the process extremely fast since it prevents re-encoding. It also keeps the quality at the input level.

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