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How to mount a legacy database to migrate data

There are many approaches out there how you can import data from a legacy application to a new application. Here is an approach which opens two database connections and uses active record for the legacy system, too:

1. Add you database information to you config/database.yml.

data_migration: database: your_application_data_migration

2. Create a separate application record for the data migration, e.g. in app/data_migration/migration_record.rb. You will need to create an app/data_migration.rb class first.

class DataMigration::MigrationRecord < ActiveRecord::Base self.abstract_class = true establish_connection(:data_migration) end

3. Inherit from this class in the migration models, e.g. app/data_migration/user.rb.

class DataMigration::MigrationUser < DataMigration::MigrationRecord self.table_name = 'zz_1234_0' # you will need this if the table name is not data_migration_migration_users self.primary_key = 'data_id' # you will need this if the primary key is not id alias_attribute :title, :c1254 alias_attribute :first_name, :c1255 alias_attribute :last_name, :c1256 alias_attribute :email, :c1257 alias_attribute :phone, :c1258 end

4. Extend your app/models/data_migration.rb

class DataMigration def run migrate_users end def migrate_users DataMigration::MigrationUser.find_each do |migration_user| User.create!( title: migration_user.title, first_name: migration_user.first_name, last_name: migration_user.last_name, email:, phone: ) end end end

Now the best idea is to test this in the rails sandbox (so your development data stay untouched):

rails console --sandbox 2.4.1 :003 >

Keep in mind our best practices for data migrations.

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