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ActiveSupport includes Timecop-like helpers

ActiveSupport (since 4.1) includes test helpers to manipulate time, just like the Timecop gem:

  • To travel a relative amount of time, use travel:

  • To travel to a specific moment in time, use travel_to:

    travel_to 1.hour.from_now
  • To freeze a specific time, use freeze_time (ActiveSupport 5.2+):

    freeze_time 1.hour.from_now

All those methods may also receive a block to call and restore time afterwards. If you don't provide a block, you must call travel_back or unfreeze_time once you are done.

Simply load the TimeHelpers module as required by your test framework. Example:

RSpec.configure do |config| config.include ActiveSupport::Testing::TimeHelpers end

Note that we love Timecop and that it may be better suited for some use cases (for example, it includes Timecop.scale and a Timecop.safe_mode configuration setting), but for most projects you actually may not need Timecop.

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