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Speed up better_errors

Current versions of better_errors already do this automatically.

If you use the Better Errors gem Archive , you will sometimes notice that it can be very slow. This is because it sometimes renders a huge amount of data that will actually be hard to render for your browser.

You can significantly improve performance by adding this to config/initializers/better_errors:

if defined?(BetterErrors) && Rails.env.development? module BetterErrorsHugeInspectWarning def inspect_value(obj) inspected = obj.inspect if inspected.size > 20_000 inspected = "Object was too large to inspect (#{inspected.size} bytes). " end CGI.escapeHTML(inspected) rescue NoMethodError "<span class='unsupported'>(object doesn't support inspect)</span>" rescue Exception "<span class='unsupported'>(exception was raised in inspect)</span>" end end BetterErrors.ignored_instance_variables += [ :@_request, :@_assigns, :@_controller, :@view_renderer ] BetterErrors::ErrorPage.prepend(BetterErrorsHugeInspectWarning) end

(credits to GitHub user bquorning)

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