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RSpec: Debug flickering test suites with rspec --bisect

In modern default RSpec configurations, your tests are usually run in random order. This helps to detect "flickering" tests that only fail when run in a certain order.

The reason for this are tests that have side effects causing other tests to fail later. The hard part is to find the offending test.

Enter rspec --bisect:

  1. Say you have a flickering test that passes on its own, but you just saw it fail in a full test run. At the top of the RSpec output, you will see a message like Randomized with seed 12345. Take a note of the number. If this message is missing, your tests are not randomized. You can still use this method, simply skip the --seed.
  2. Check if the problem is reproducible by running

    rspec --seed 12345

    If the failure does not occur again, your test might instead have some random component to it. rspec --bisect cannot help you with that.

  3. Now run

    rspec --bisect --seed 12345

    This will take some time (maybe about 2x the usual run duration). If successful, RSpec should give you a minimal failing test suite at the end, like this:

    The minimal reproduction command is: rspec './spec/other_spec:20' './spec/flickering_spec:30' --seed 12345

    With this info you should be able to find the issue much quicker.

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