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Rails: Decrypt a session cookie

This method helps you to manually decrypt the session cookie in Rails 5.2. Chrome can retrieve the session cookie string from Dev Tools > Application > Cookies > _application_name_session.

By default Rails >= 5.2 app uses JSON as cookie serializer. Before Marshal was used to serialize cookies. You can find out your application's cookies serializer with Rails.application.config.action_dispatch.cookies_serializer.

# Available modes: json, marshal def decrypt_session(cookie_string, mode = 'json') serializer = case mode when 'json' then JSON when 'marshal' then ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::NullSerializer end cookie = CGI::unescape(cookie_string.strip) salt = Rails.configuration.action_dispatch.encrypted_cookie_salt signed_salt = Rails.configuration.action_dispatch.encrypted_signed_cookie_salt key_generator =, iterations: 1000) secret = key_generator.generate_key(salt)[0, 32] sign_secret = key_generator.generate_key(signed_salt) encryptor =, sign_secret, serializer: serializer) result = encryptor.decrypt_and_verify(cookie) (mode == 'marshal') ? Marshal.load(result) : result end

Example session cookie:

decrypt_session 'K2lUcDA1MjQ4b05RRU9zU2tNM05ldmIvdGpKVzNDdmRNNVkvbHFVSkNwT1lGODhkN3NZZHRYaDBwQXowR2lheUoxemt1Wm82Z0psYlFNVFM2dmxQaVNvRlhRZGNQQzNXUkswNnNTdVRPR1o5UURrY29CUjJvbEtXb2dwS2dTazZneG5XbjBzMVZISEVyc3ZkQzIxRW9FU3JERHZMWFg3Uk50Z2o0cVZ1eUF2VVR2RjdFbDUvaXlqUEorMEd6NGM0WjBhaTZOQ0NPaGE1NkZCTmVjMzdHajZueU56TVpQZk53bVJKZ21KWW9SdXFuc09WZVlMNS93aERSRlhLTWpEN3Y2M2xtSTlrUjNoS0lNQVMxNUhLNkpDekhhcUViZklLa0pSV3A2NzBtZmc9LS0yS1RmVTJyanl5dHpWQklkSlFQbVJRPT0%3D--50da898541a727755da8cffffbcfbb2c5dd3310b' => { "session_id"=>"8ef662867ab2457717ba74c143c08733", "timestamp"=>1572261371, "warden.user.user.key"=>[[3], "$2a$13$FlVrgrbRbFRaFun/4dhaK."], "_csrf_token"=>"e03pX09Pqfj3syQp0w9AAJ3fEh7I9Sm8VhndHfqQxgw=" }

This method is based on Decrypt a Rails 5 session cookie and extended with the cookies serializer section. You will get an exception like ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::InvalidMessage when you use the wrong cookies serializer.

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