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JavaScript: Hash/Object with default value

You can easily have a JavaScript hash/object that returns a default value for unset keys/properties – as long as you need to support only recent browsers.

The key are JavaScript proxies from ECMAScript 6 that allow implementing a custom getter method. They work like this:

var hash = new Proxy({}, { get: function(object, property) { return object.hasOwnProperty(property) ? object[property] : 'hello'; } });

When you set a key, you can read its value just like always.

hash['foo'] = 23 hash['foo'] // => 23

But instead of returning undefined for unset keys, our get proxy now returns our default value.

hash['bar'] // => 'hello'

This is supported in Chrome 49+, Firefox 18+, Safari 10+, and Edge 13+.

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