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Geordi hints

Dominik Schöler
January 27, 2017Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Geordi now occasionally prints "did you know" hints.

Reminder of what you can do with Geordi Show snapshot .

Illustration UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design by makandra brand

We make sure that your target audience has the best possible experience with your digital product. You get:

  • Design tailored to your audience
  • Proven processes customized to your needs
  • An expert team of experienced designers
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Note: If you alias Geordi to something short like g, running commands gets much faster!
Note: You only need to type the first letters of a command to run it, e.g. geordi dep will run the deploy command.

geordi deploy

Guided deployment, including push, merge, switch branches. Does nothing without confirmation.

geordi capistrano

Run something for all Capistrano environments, e.g. geordi cap deploy

geordi setup -t -d staging

When you just cloned a new project, run this to run a full setup. After basic setup (see geordi help setup), runs tests and loads a staging dump into the database.

geordi security-update

Guides through our security update process.

geordi commit

Commit with a story title from Pivotal Tracker.

geordi chromedriver-update

Find and install the matching chromedriver for the currently installed Chrome.
Remember you can instruct Geordi to automaticalle keep chromedriver in sync Show snapshot

Posted by Dominik Schöler to makandra dev (2017-01-27 12:19)