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Subclassing module

Yesterday I stumbled across a talk in which the guy mentioned module sub-classing. I was curious what you can do with it and found his blog post with a cool example. It allows you to inject some state into the module you are including elsewhere. Check it out!

class AttributeAccessor < Module def initialize(name) @name = name end def included(model) super define_accessors end private def define_accessors ivar = "@#{@name}" define_writer(ivar) define_reader(ivar) end def define_writer(ivar) define_method("#{@name}=") do |value| instance_variable_set("#{ivar}", value) end end def define_reader(ivar) define_method(@name) do instance_variable_get("#{ivar}") end end end class Book include def title "#{super} + super works!" end end book = book.title = "Module Subclassing Guide" puts book.title

We also have a gem to help you with this: Modularity Archive .
Modularity enhances Ruby's Module so it can be used with traits and partial classes. This allows very simple definition of meta-programming macros like the has_many that you know from Rails.
Modularity also lets you organize large models into multiple source files in a way that is less awkward than using modules.

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