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Rspec: Scope your custom matchers to example groups

When you find yourself in the situation that you would like to define a custom matcher in your specs, but you do not want to define a global matcher since you need it only for your specific test, then you can simply put it in a module and include it only where you need it.

Since each describe block generates an anonymous class internally, this will include the matcher for this example group only.

require 'rspec/expectations' module MyHelpers extend RSpec::Matchers::DSL matcher :be_just_like do |expected| match {|actual| actual == expected} end end describe "group with MyHelpers" do include MyHelpers it "has access to the defined matcher" do 5.should be_just_like(5) end end describe "group without MyHelpers" do it "does not have access to the defined matcher" do expect do 5.should be_just_like(5) raise_exception end end

If you're only going to include a matcher once, you can also use the matcher macro within an example group for the same effect.

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