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Unobtrusive JavaScript and AJAX

Attached (see below) is some code to allow using unobtrusive JavaScript on pages fetched with an AJAX call.

After you included it, you now do not use the usual

$(function() { $('.some_tag').activateStuff(); });

any more, but instead you write

$.unobtrusive(function() { $(this).find('.some_tag').activateStuff(); });

that is

  • $.unobtrusive() instead of $()
  • don't do stuff to the whole page, but just to elements nested below $(this)

Normal pages work as before (your $.unobtrusive functions are called automatically), but you gain the option to manually run those by calling


You would always run this on any DOM-nodes you have just inserted.

Code for the helper

Copy this into your project:

// Define $.unobtrusive() to register new element activation callbacks $.unobtrusive = function(callback) { $(document).on('activate-unobtrusive-javascript', function(event, root) { $(root).each(callback); }); } // Define a function for all jQuery collections to manually run activation callbacks on that element $.fn.activateUnobtrusiveJavascript = function() { this.each(function() { $(document).trigger('activate-unobtrusive-javascript', this); }); } // Activate the entire DOM on initial page load $(function() { $(document).activateUnobtrusiveJavascript(); });
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