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Infinitely nested hashes in Javascript (Coffeescript)

The NestedHash class allows you to read and write hashes of any depth. Examples:

hash = {} NestedHash.write hash, 'a', 'b', 'c', 'value' # => { a: { b: { c: 'value' } } } hash, 'a', 'b', 'c' # => 'value' hash, 'a' # => { b: { c: 'value' } } hash, 'foo', 'bar' # => undefined

Inspired by victusfate Archive .


class @NestedHash @read: (objekt, keys...) -> if objekt and keys.length @read objekt[keys[0]], keys[1...]... else objekt @write: (objekt, keys..., value) -> objekt ?= {} if keys.length key = keys[0] objekt[key] = @write(objekt[key], keys[1...]..., value) objekt else objekt = value


describe 'NestedHash', -> describe '.write()', -> it 'writes nested values to a hash', -> hash = {} NestedHash.write hash, 'level1', 'level2', 'value' expect(hash).toEqual level1: level2: 'value' it 'overwrites existing values', -> hash = level1: level2: 'value' NestedHash.write hash, 'level1', 'level2', 'new value' expect(hash).toEqual level1: level2: 'new value' describe '.read()', -> it 'reads nested values from a hash', -> hash = level1: level2: 'value' value = hash, 'level1', 'level2' expect(value).toEqual 'value' it 'reads nested trees from a hash', -> hash = level1: level2: 'value' value = hash, 'level1' expect(value).toEqual level2: 'value' it 'returns undefined when any of the keys is missing', -> value = {}, 'foo', 'bar' expect(value).not.toBeDefined()

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