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Testing ActiveRecord callbacks with RSpec

Our preferred way of testing ActiveRecord is to simply create/update/destroy the record and then check if the expected behavior has happened.

We used to bend over backwards to avoid touching the database for this. For this we used a lot of stubbing and tricks like it_should_run_callbacks.

Today we would rather make a few database queries than have a fragile test full of stubs.


Let's say your User model creates a first Project on creation, so the user doesn't see a blank application slate on her first visit:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :projects after_create :create_first_project private def create_first_project projects.create(name: 'My first project') end end

(Side note: Avoid having callbacks like this in your core User model. Prefer to use a form model like User::RegistrationForm. Read our book Growing Rails Applications in Practice for details. Anyway, we will continue with the example.)

Here is a test for the User model that automatically creates a Project:

describe 'User' do describe '#save' do it "creates a first project for the user" do user = FactoryBot.create(:user) user.projects.size.should == 1 user.projects[0].name.should == 'My first project' end end end

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