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NoMethodError: undefined method `cache' for Gem:Module

I got this error when running Rails 2.3 tests for Rails LTS. More stacktrace:

NoMethodError: undefined method `cache' for Gem:Module /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:212:in `each' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:146:in `to_a' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:146:in `cache' /opt/vagrant_ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:243:in `inject' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:146:in `each' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:146:in `inject' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:146:in `cache' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:127:in `lookup' /vagrant/rails-2-3-lts-repository/railties/lib/rails_generator/lookup.rb:140:in `instance'

You probably use a quite new version of RubyGems (I had 2.5.1 when encountering this).

The solution: Downgrade RubyGems to version 1.8.25:

gem update --system 1.8.25

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