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RSpec & Devise: How to sign in users in request specs

You know that Devise offers RSpec test helpers for controller specs. However, in request specs, they will not work.

Here is a solution for request specs, adapted from the Devise wiki. We will simply use Warden's test helpers -- you probably already load them for your Cucumber tests.

First, we define sign_in and sign_out methods. These will behave just like those you know from controller specs:

module DeviseRequestSpecHelpers include Warden::Test::Helpers def sign_in(resource_or_scope, resource = nil) resource ||= resource_or_scope scope = Devise::Mapping.find_scope!(resource_or_scope) login_as(resource, scope: scope) end def sign_out(resource_or_scope) scope = Devise::Mapping.find_scope!(resource_or_scope) logout(scope) end end

Finally, load that module for request specs:

RSpec.configure do |config| config.include DeviseRequestSpecHelpers, type: :request end

Done. You can now write request specs like this:

sign_in create(:user, name: 'John Doe') visit root_path expect(page).to include('John Doe')
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