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How to fix: "500 Internal Server Error" after adding Rack::Bug

When Rack::Bug has been added to your project and your Apache2/Passenger only replies with an Error 500 (Internal Server Error) you won't get any love from both application and Apache logs.

You can start a script/server and try connecting there. It should also fail but you will most likely see this error:

Internal Server Error undefined method `new' for "Rack::Bug":String

While the following is (for some reason) working on OSX…

config.middleware.use "Rack::Bug", :secret_key => '...'

…you need to do this so it works properly on Linux:

require 'rack/bug' config.middleware.use "Rack::Bug", :secret_key => '...'

By refactoring problematic code and creating automated tests, makandra can vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

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