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Escape a string for transportation in a URL

Henning Koch
September 24, 2015Software engineer at makandra GmbH

To safely transport an arbitrary string within a URL, you need to percent-encode Show snapshot characters that have a particular meaning in URLs, like & or =.

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If you are using Rails URL helpers like movies_path(:query => ARBITRARY_STRING_HERE), Rails will take care of the encoding for you. If you are building URLs manually, you need to follow this guide.


In Ruby, use CGI.escape:

=> "foo%3Dfoo%26bar%3Dbar"

Do not ever use URI.encode or its alias URI.escape, which keeps control characters like & or = unescaped:

=> "foo=foo&bar=bar"


In Javascript, use encodeURIComponent:

=> "foo%3Dfoo%26bar%3Dbar"

Do not ever use encodeURI, which keeps control characters like & or = unescaped:

=> "foo=foo&bar=bar"
Posted by Henning Koch to makandra dev (2015-09-24 14:53)