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Project management best practices: Standup

If the project team consists of at least 2 members, do a daily standup. It should not take much longer than 15 minutes.


Tell everyone else

  • what you did yesterday
  • what you intend to do today
  • where you might need help or other input
  • if there are new developments everyone needs to know about

A "still working on X, will probably be done today" is totally fine. No need to tell a long story.

If you are out of work, find a new story with the others.

If there are new stories in the backlog, look at them and

  • make sure everyone knows what they are about
  • give them an estimate (or validate the estimate, if there already is one)


The standup has multiple goals:

  • Make the team feel like a team
  • Make sure no developer has gone into a rabbit hole and is afraid to call for help
  • Give everyone an idea what's currently going on
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