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Capistrano 3 has slightly changed its symlink implementation

In Capistrano 2, directories in shared_children used to be symlinked to the shared directory during the finalize_update task.

# <capistrano>/lib/capistrano/recipes/deploy.rb _cset :shared_children, %w(public/system log tmp/pids) # ... task :finalize_update, :except => { :no_release => true } do # ... do |d| run "ln -s #{shared_path}/#{d.split('/').last} #{latest_release}/#{d}" # <-- symlinks only the last segment here end # ... end

This would symlink current/public/system to shared/system.

Capistrano 3 (which is almost a complete rewrite of the project) now properly expands paths to symlink. current/public/system is now symlinked to shared/public/system.

# <your project>/config/deploy.rb set :linked_dirs, %w(log public/system) # <capistrano>/lib/capistrano/tasks/deploy.rake desc 'Symlink linked directories' task :linked_dirs do # ... fetch(:linked_dirs).each do |dir| target = release_path.join(dir) # <-- symlinks the whole path source = shared_path.join(dir) # ... execute :ln, '-s', source, target end end

This may bite you when you were backing up the shared/system directory. After upgrading to Capistrano 3, you will need to back up the shared/public/system directory instead. For our own projects we already do so.

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