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Casting ActiveRecord scopes or instances to ActiveType extended model classes

When working with ActiveType you will often find it useful to cast an ActiveRecord instance to its extended ActiveType::Record variant.

Starting with active_type 0.4.0 you can use ActiveType.cast for this:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base ... end class SignUp < ActiveType::Record[User] ... end user = User.find(1) sign_up = ActiveType.cast(user, SignUp) sign_up.is_a?(SignUp) # => true

This is basically like ActiveRecord#becomes, but with fewer bugs and more consistent behavior.

You can also cast an entire relation (scope) to a relation of an ActiveType::Record:

adult_users = User.where('age >= 18') adult_sign_ups = ActiveType.cast(adult_users, SignUp) sign_up = adult_sign_ups.find(1) sign_up.is_a?(SignUp) # => true

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