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sessionStorage: Per-window browser storage

All major browsers (IE8+, FF3.5+, Safari 4+, any Chrome) support sessionStorage, a JavaScript storage object that

  • survives page reloads and browser restores,
  • but is different per new tab/window (in contrast to localStorage which is shared across all tabs).

MDN says:

The sessionStorage object is most useful for hanging on to temporary data that should be saved and restored if the browser is accidentally refreshed


Example usage:

// Save data to the current session's store sessionStorage.setItem("username", "John"); // Access some stored data alert( "username = " + sessionStorage.getItem("username"));

As a demo, check out this jsFiddle which will assign a random number


  • sessionStorage can only store string keys and values (like localStorage). If you need to store structured data you need to use JSON.stringify(object) and JSON.parse(string).
  • sessionStorage is unavailable (null) in private browsing mode on Safari and the default Android WebKit browser.
  • In Chrome, duplicating a tab (e.g. by middle-clicking the reload button) will cause the new tab to use the same sessionStorage.
  • In Chrome, tabs opened via will also use the same sessionStorage.
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