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AngularJS: Binding to Perl-style getter/setters functions

Angular 1.3+ has an alternative getter/setter pattern: You can bind ng-model to an accessor function. This is a function that is either a getter (when it gets no arguments) or a setter (when it gets the new value as an argument):

$ = function(newName) { return angular.isDefined(newName) ? (_name = newName) : _name; }

You need to bind this function with ng-model and ng-model-options="{ getterSetter: true } to activate this behavior.

Note that since this executes a function on every read, this is slower than a dumb property.

Full example

Full example from the docs:

<div ng-controller="ExampleController"> <form name="userForm"> Name: <input type="text" name="userName" ng-model="" ng-model-options="{ getterSetter: true }" /> </form> <pre> = <span ng-bind=""></span></pre> </div>

The JS that goes with it:

angular.module('getterSetterExample', []) .controller('ExampleController', ['$scope', function($scope) { var _name = 'Brian'; $scope.user = { name: function(newName) { return angular.isDefined(newName) ? (_name = newName) : _name; } }; }]);

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