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Testing focus/blur events with Cucumber

This is a problem when using Selenium with Firefox. We recommend using ChromeDriver for your Selenium tests.

This setup allows to test focus/blur events in Cucumber tests (using Selenium). For background information, see How to solve Selenium focus issues.

Cucumber step definition:

# This step is needed because in Selenium tests, blur events are not triggered # when the browser has no focus. When /^I unfocus the "(.*?)" field to trigger javascript listeners$/ do |field_label| field = page.find_field(field_label) # Firing 'autocomplete:done' is a workaround to trigger on-blur listeners on # the element. However, this does not remove focus from a field. If the # browser has focus during a test run, the browser will trigger real blur # events which will trigger the listeners a second time. # # To prevent this, we also blur the field and then wait for the listeners to # finish their work. page.execute_script <<-JS field = $('#{field[:id]}') field.blur()'autocomplete:done') JS sleep 1 end

In the javascript:

/* * Listening on "blur" events does not work in tests because Firefox has a bug * deferring focus/blur events until the window has focus: * * Cure: Have the "blur" event trigger a custom event which can be manually * triggered in tests. */ $('invoice_template_company').observe('blur', function() {'autocomplete:done'); }); $('invoice_template_company').observe('autocomplete:done', doSomething);

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