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Make jQuery.animate run smoother with almost no code changes

jQuery comes with .animate() that lets you transition some CSS selectors:

function floatIn($element) { $element.css({ 'opacity': 0, 'margin-top': 200px }); $element.animate({ 'opacity': 1, 'margin-top': 0 }, { duration: 500 }); }

The animation is implemented using setInterval and Javascript. This works great, but it's not as smooth as a CSS transition.

Fortunately the animate API can be mapped almost 1:1 to CSS transitions. There are libraries like Transit that act as a drop-in replacement for animate, but animate using CSS transitions instead of Javascript. This gives you a much higher framerate.

If Transit has too many bells and whistles for your taste, and you'd like to roll your own animate replacement, you might want to take a look at this.

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