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Silence specific deprecation warnings in Rails 3+

Tobias Kraze
June 03, 2014Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Sometimes you're getting an ActiveSupport deprecation warning that you cannot or don't want to fix. In these cases, it might be okay to silence some specific warnings. Add this to your initializers, or require it in your tests:

silenced = [
  /Not considered a useful test/,
  /use: should(_not)? have_sent_email/,
] # list of warnings you want to silence

silenced_expr ='|'))

ActiveSupport::Deprecation.behavior = lambda do |msg, stack|
  unless msg =~ silenced_expr
    ActiveSupport::Deprecation::DEFAULT_BEHAVIORS[:stderr].call(msg, stack)
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This will only work with warnings that go through ActiveSupport and only in Rails 3.0 or higher.

Posted by Tobias Kraze to makandra dev (2014-06-03 10:49)