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Bash script to list commits by Pivotal Tracker ID

The main benefit of our convention to prefix commits by their corresponding Pivotal Tracker ID is that we can easily detect commits that belong to the same story. You can either do that manually or use the bash script below by copying it somewhere to your .bashrc.

# Usage: ptcommits '#123456' function ptcommits { if test "$1" then git log --oneline | grep "$1" | grep "^[a-z0-9]*" -o | xargs --no-run-if-empty git show else echo "Please specify a Pivotal Tracker story ID" fi } alias ptcommit='ptcommits'


  • ptcommits #<STORY_ID> does not work, since your shell with ignore STORY_ID (it is marked as a comment). Use ptcommits '#<STORY_ID>' instead.

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