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Coffeescript: Caveat when cloning objects with fat-arrow methods

Coffeescript allows you to create classes whose methods are automatically bound to the correct this. You can do this by using a fat arrow:

class Person constructor: (name) -> @name = name sayHello: => alert("Hello, I am #{@name}")

An important caveat is that when you clone such an object, all of its methods are still bound to the original instance:

eve = new Person("Eve") eve.sayHello() # => "Hello, I am Eve" bob = _.clone(eve) = "Bob" bob.sayHello() # => "Hello, I am Eve"

I don't think there is a workaround for this, you simply cannot clone instances of Coffeescript instances as you would clone other Javascript hashes. If you need cloning, you would probably need to implement a clone() method in your class, which constructs the clone instance using new.

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