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Spreewald: When using `patiently do`, don't reuse existing variable names

Spreewald Archive 's patiently repeats the given block again and again until it either passes or times out.

Be careful to give patiently a block that can actually be repeated. E.g. the following block can not be repeated:

Given /^the field "(.*?)" is empty$/ do |field| patiently do field = find_field(field) field.text.should be_blank end end

The reason the above code will fail when repeated is that the block is reassigning the field variable that was defined outside of the block (it's the variable set from the Given block's arguments). Because of this, during the first repetition the value of field will actually be:

field = find_field(find_field(field))

And during the second repetition:

field = find_field(find_field(find_field(field)))

To not fall into this trap, do not reuse variable names that are defined outside the repeated block. To fix the example above, we will use two separate variables label and field:

Given /^the field "(.*?)" is empty$/ do |label| # ← patiently do field = find_field(label) field.text.should be_blank end end

Note that you can of course reuse the names of variables that have been defined inside the repeated block.

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