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Regex: Be careful when trying to match the start and/or end of a text

Ruby has two different ways to match the start and the end of a text:

  • ^ (Start of line) and $ (End of line)
  • \A (Start of string) and \z (End of string)

Most often you want to use \A and \z.

Here is a short example in which we want to validate the content type of a file attachment. Normally we would not expect content_type_1 to be a valid content type with the used regular expression image\/(jpeg|png). But as ^ and $ will match lines, it matches both content_type_1 and content_type_2. Using \A and \z will work as expected instead and excludes content_type_1.

content_type_1 = "image/jpeg\napplication/javascript" content_type_2 = "image/jpeg" # Using `^` and `$` content_type_1.match(/^image\/(jpeg|png)$/) # => <MatchData "image/jpeg" 1:"jpeg"> content_type_2.match(/^image\/(jpeg|png)$/) # => <MatchData "image/jpeg" 1:"jpeg"> # Using `\A` and `\z` content_type_1.match(/\Aimage\/(jpeg|png)\z/) # => nil content_type_2.match(/\Aimage\/(jpeg|png)\z/) # => <MatchData "image/jpeg" 1:"jpeg">


Newer Rails explicitly warns you, when you use ^ and $ in validations with a regular expression, as this might be a security risk.

Used validation in the model:

validates_format_of :content_type, :with => /^image\/(jpeg|png)$/

Resulting exception:

The provided regular expression is using multiline anchors (^ or $), which may present a security risk. Did you mean to use \A and \z, or forgot to add the :multiline => true option? (ArgumentError)

You can remove this warning by changing your validation like this (Be sure you really want to):

validates_format_of :content_type, :with => /^image\/(jpeg|png)$/, multiline: true

By refactoring problematic code and creating automated tests, makandra can vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

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