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Useful methods to process tables in Cucumber step definitions

Henning Koch
February 01, 2013Software engineer at makandra GmbH

When you accept a table in your Cucumber step definition, that table object will have the cryptic type Cucumber::Ast::Table Show snapshot . Don't immediately call table.raw to convert it into an array of arrays! Cucumber::Ast::Table has a lot of useful methods for tasks such as:

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: Turn the table into an array of arrays

: Convert the table to an array of hashes, where the keys are the table headers from the first row

: Return only the first row

: Return all but the first row as an array of arrays – you might prefer table.raw or table.rows_hash

: Turn a two-columned table into a hash, where the first column is the keys and the second the values

: Transpose the table (switch rows <-> columns)


  • Mapping natural language table headers to internal identifiers such as attribute names
  • Comparing a table with another table, with pretty diff and all.

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Posted by Henning Koch to makandra dev (2013-02-01 16:23)