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RSpec: Stubbing a method that takes a block

If you stub a method or set expectations with should_receive these stubbed methods may also yield blocks. This is handy if the returning object is receiving a block call.

Consider this, where you cannot say and_return [] because of the block:

def crawl_messages Message.find_in_batches do |messages| messages.each(&:crawl) end end

It works similar to and_return – just use and_yield:

describe '#crawl_messages' do it 'should process messages in batches so the server stays alive' do message = stub message.should_receive(:crawl) Message.should_receive(:find_in_batches).and_yield([message]) subject.crawl_messages end end

You can also combine and_yield with and_return. Mind the order:

item = stub('a block') subject.should_receive(:something).and_yield(item).and_return 'result'

Yielding multiple times

You can even chain multiple and_yield statements to yield the block multiple times with different arguments:


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