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How to provoke Selenium focus issues in parallel test processes

As attachments to this card you will find a Cucumber feature and supplementing step definition that you can use to provoke Selenium focus issues that only occur when two focus-sensitive Selenium scenarios run at the same time (probably with parallel_tests). This can help you to detect and fix flickering integration tests.

The attached feature works by going to your root_path and focusing a random form element every 5ms.


  • Copy the attached feature and step definition into your project.
  • If required, adjust the duration for which concurrency issues are provoked by editing focus_issues.feature (you'll see). Default is 5 minutes. It should be longer than your flickering tests take to run.
  • Make sure that your root_path contains a form element (select, input) or edit the step definition to visit another path.
  • Comment out non-flickering scenarios in your feature that contains flickering tests. The problematic feature should ideally only contain flickering Selenium-scenarios.
  • Run the feature together with the feature that contains flickering tests, e.g. with Geordi: cuc features/focus_issues.feature features/flickering_tests.feature
  • Be careful not to use a line number in the call. Tests will not run in parallel when a line number is used.
  • Observe how each test process now spawns a separate Firefox window (if you are using Geordi support for headless Selenium with VNC you need to call cuc-show to see the Firefoxes). Make sure that the window opened by focus_issues.feature stays on top (this will be the window showing your root_path with randomly focused input elements).
  • Wait until your flickering tests fail. You might need to run tests for a few times until this happens, because there are still external factors involved in the timing.
  • Cucumber will seem to hang until focus_issues.feature has finished its duration. You can CTRL+C out of that.

You can now fix your focus-sensitive tests.

By refactoring problematic code and creating automated tests, makandra can vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

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