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Center a float horizontally

Note: We have card with all CSS centering options. You probably want to head over there and get an overview over what techniques are available for your use case and browser requirements.

If you cannot use display: inline-block, centering a float can be useful if you want to center something and at the same time make its width automatically fit some content.

Use this SASS:

.center_float_outer_container overflow: hidden .center_float_container position: relative left: 50% float: left .center_float position: relative left: -50% float: left .clear clear: both

Together with this helper:

# Rails 3 def center_float(&block) concat( content_tag(:div, :class => 'center_float_outer_container') do content_tag(:div, :class => 'center_float_container') do content_tag(:div, :class => 'center_float', &block) end end + content_tag(:div, :class => 'clear') ) end
# Rails 2 def center_float(&block) html = "".html_safe html << content_tag(:div, :class => 'center_float_outer_container') do content_tag(:div, :class => 'center_float_container') do content_tag(:div, h(capture(&block)), :class => 'center_float').html_safe end end html << content_tag(:div, :class => 'clear') html end

Use it with

<% center_float do %> This is centered. <% end %>

Works IE7 and up.

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