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Cucumber pitfall: "Around" does not apply to your "Background" steps

Around will not happen until after a feature's Background has been processed. Use Before and After to avoid that.


Consider this Cucumber feature file:

Feature: Something that needs to be tested Background: Given a user And I sign in Scenario: Sign out When I sign out Then I should see "Signed out" Scenario: Something else # ...

Now, assume you have these step definitions:

Around do puts "** Around: before yield" yield puts "** Around: after yield" end Before do puts "** Before" end

Running the above feature will give you (roughly) this Cucumber output:

** Before Given a user And I sign in ** Around: before yield When I sign out Then I should see "Signed out" ** Around: after yield

As you can see, your Around code did not happen until after Background was processed.

This can lead to serious trouble if you are not aware of that. For example: Using an Around step to switch things off will not switch them off until the Background steps have happened. If you do something like that, use Before and After steps instead.

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