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How to deal with strange errors from WEBrick

If you get errors from your development WEBrick that contain unicode salad, you are probably requesting the page via SSL. \
Since WEBrick does not speak SSL, so change the URL in your browser to use http instead of https.

The error looked like this for me:

[2012-09-06 11:19:07] ERROR bad URI `\000\026\000\020\000'. [2012-09-06 11:19:07] ERROR bad URI `\000\026\000\020\000'. [2012-09-06 11:19:07] ERROR bad Request-Line `\026\003\001\000�\001\000\000\177\003\001PHj�\031\006�L��'. [2012-09-06 11:19:07] ERROR bad URI `\000\026\000\020\000'.

Flaky tests are tests that sometimes fail for no obvious reason. They are the plague of many end-to-end (E2E) test suites that automate the browser through tools like Capybara and Selenium.

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