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Limitations you should be aware of when Internet Explorer 9 parses CSS files

Internet Explorer until version 9 has some limitations when parsing CSS files Archive

Summarized, these are:

  • Up to 31 CSS files or tags per page.
  • Up to 4095 selectors per CSS file.
  • Up to 3 nested @import rules

To test the selector limit for a specific browser, check this CSS selector limitation test website Archive .

When you run into this issue, the following links might be helpful to fix the problem. The Idea is to split up the css files that have been generated by sass.


Some websites (e.g. say there was a css file size limit at about 288kb but this is neither listed in the microsoft knowledge base article Archive nor could this bug be reproduced. I think people ran into the selector limit. If you have a test that approves the file size limit, please give me a shout.

Arne added a repository Archive that holds a few sample files so you can test it yourself.

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