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Remove quotes from Sass mixin arguments

When calling a Sass mixins, you usually don't need to quote arguments:


However, when a CSS property consists of multiple parts (like background or box-shadow), the Sass parser will trip up:

+box_shadow(0 1px 2px #000) // this will blow up

The solution is to quote the argument like this:

+box_shadow('0 1px 2px #000')

As the author of the box-shadow mixin you now need to unquote this string, so the quotes don't appear in the resulting CSS. E.g. the following version of the box-shadow mixin will generate broken CSS:

# Sass =box_shadow($settings) -webkit-box-shadow: $settings box-shadow: $settings input +box_shadow('0 1px 2px #000') # Resulting CSS input { -webkit-box-shadow: "0 1px 2px #000" box-shadow: "0 1px 2px #000" }

Browsers will usually ignore the quoted styles, so no box shadows for you.

To avoid this, use unquote:

# Sass =box_shadow($settings) $settings: unquote($settings) -webkit-box-shadow: $settings box-shadow: $settings input +box_shadow('0 1px 2px #000') # Resulting CSS input { -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px #000 box-shadow: 0 1px 2px #000 }
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