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Git: How to rebase your feature branch from one branch to another

In a nutshell: Use git rebase source-commit --onto target-branch

  • target-branch means "branch you want to be based on"
  • source-commit means "commit before your first feature commit"

Let's say my-feature-branch is based on master and we want it to be based on production. Consider this history (topmost = latest):

  • commit 6 [my-feature-branch]
  • commit 5
  • commit 4 [master]
  • commit 3
  • commit 2 [production]
  • commit 1

Here, master has commits that are not yet in production (number 3 and 4).

Just doing a simple git rebase production from my-feature-branch will not work, as it will move commits 3 through 6 to production, effectively merging master into production. This is not what we want.

Instead, we want to chop off our commits since master (number 5 and 6) and place them on production. We need to do this (while being in my-feature-branch):

git rebase --onto production master

That tells git you are moving the commits since master to production, and you'd end up with this history in your newly rebased branch:

  • commit 6 [my-feature-branch]
  • commit 5
  • commit 2 [production]
  • commit 1

Note that after doing that, you will have changed your branch's history and need to do a forced push, if it was on origin before.

As always, you can supply commit hashes, not just branch names (which are only shortcuts to a commit anyway).

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