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Capistrano: How to find out which version of your application is currently live

When deploying, Capistrano puts a REVISION file into your application's release directory. It contains the hash of the commit which was deployed.

If you want to know the currently deployed release, simply SSH to a server and view that file.

$ cat /var/www/my-project/current/REVISION cf8734ece3938fc67262ad5e0d4336f820689307

Capistrano task

When your application is deployed to multiple servers, you probably want to see a result for all of them.
Here is a Capistrano task that checks all servers with the :app role.

namespace :deploy do desc 'Show deployed revision' task :revision do on roles :app do |host| within current_path do info "#{host}: #{capture :cat, 'REVISION'}" end end end end

Output looks like this:

$ cap production deploy:revision 00:00 deploy:revision cf8734ece3938fc67262ad5e0d4336f820689307 cf8734ece3938fc67262ad5e0d4336f820689307 cf8734ece3938fc67262ad5e0d4336f820689307

Deployment log

Note that Capistrano also logs each deployment. We have a separate card on finding out user/branch/commit/timestamp for past deployments.

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