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Cookies and Rails Sessions [1d]


  • What is a Cookie? Google it if you do not know.
  • How are cookies transferred between your browser and the server?
    • Open the development tools in your browser for this page. Can you find the cookies your browser stores for makandracards?
    • In the network tab, can you see how the cookies are transferred to or from the server?
    • Can you log yourself out by manipulating a cookie? Can you log yourself back in?
  • Understand what domains mean to cookies
    • Can cookies be shared between domains?
    • Between subdomains?
    • How does a tool like Google Analytics work?
  • How do cookies expire? What are "session" cookies?
  • What does a cookie's "secure" flag do? Is it still relevant with HSTS?
  • Look at Rails' API for managing cookies
    • How do you set and delete cookies?
    • What are signed cookies and how do they work?
    • What are encrypted cookies and how do they work?
  • Learn about Rails sessions

Exercise: Star movies

  • In your MovieDB, implement a feature to star / unstar your favorite movies.
  • Implement this with cookies or sessions without writing anything to the database.
  • Try two separate ways of implementing this:
    • Make an AJAX call and have the server set the cookies
    • Set cookies directly on the client
  • Is this a good way to implement the star feature?

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