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Changing your deployment's ruby version

Please contact if you want to change how your Ruby version is managed.

Selfmanaged Ruby Version

This is the default for new deployments.

These things will get configured:

  • We are installing and configuring rbenv Archive with the ruby-build Archive plugin for your deploy user.
  • Passenger-Ruby will get set to ${HOME}/.rbenv/shims/ruby
  • There will be a cronjob which gets executed every 5 minutes. This cronjobs checks if the ruby version specified in your .ruby-version is currently installed. If there is a problem you will get an email.

If you manage the Ruby version yourself you have to take care of the installation and configuration of the ruby versions yourself. Our capistrano-opscomplete Archive gem can install the ruby version automatically on deploy for you. You can learn how to setup this in our Capistrano documentation.

Legacy configuration with OpsComplete

With the legacy opscomplete configuration it's not possible to change the ruby version of your deployment on your own.
That is due to the fact that we have to make sure you have the same and correct ruby version on all your servers and that the passenger is using the correct ruby version.

If you need to change the Ruby version please contact

The process will then be:

  1. We will prepare the new ruby for your deployment
  2. You deploy your changes
  3. Immediately after that we will restart the webserver with the new ruby configured
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